Many of us in West Texas can think of a time when a losing streak seemed like an eternity, and the Plains Cowboys high school football team is no exception.

They’ve been in a slump since 2013.

It was Oct. 6, 2013 when the Cowboys roped their last win.

And a hometown victory?

Well, that was last seen on the Plains gridiron in 2011.

But, now the Plains Cowboys have a new hired gun, and his name is Coach Chad Terry.

Terry is bringing a new style of offense as well as a new attitude to the Cowboys’ locker room, and that fresh spirit has finally blown in a win for Plains football fans.

And even though it’s been a tough transition, the Cowboys were able to get their first victory in 22 games when they defeated Morton 21-20, scoring the go-ahead touchdown with 34 seconds left in the game.

It was a great win for the Cowboys, but an even bigger win for the seniors who have worked so hard for that first victory.

We are excited for all of the coaches, players and the community of Plains for supporting their team through those tough seasons.

We wish them luck in the future.

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