This year Plains ISD has taken measures to reduce our ecological footprint. In the 2015-2016 school year we saved right under $20,000 by taking some straight forward and simple steps that produced great results. We shut down electrical items not in use and ensured lights and air were not on in unoccupied areas of our building. Juan Bocanegra and his staff went above and beyond to set schedules based upon usage and then ensured our efforts were followed up on. On long weekends or vacations we had school wide shutdowns where staff in all areas made sure that we were not providing electricity to unneeded items. The staff was very receptive to the idea and the results of which exceeded our initial cost savings by mid-year. In Plains ISD, we are fortunate to have a staff that works hard, stays committed to, and advocates for the students, faculty and staff of our district. We want to take the opportunity this month to say THANK YOU to our entire staff and especially our maintenance staff for their service and commitment.

Thank you to:

Mr. Juan Bocanegra

Mr. Robert Loya

Mr. Nathan Crawford

Mr. Johnny Martinez

Mr. Garry Barnes

Mrs. Debbie Garland

Mrs. Helen Sainz

Mrs. Cruz Avila

Mrs. Eva Flores