Imagine a future as expansive as the Texas horizon and as diverse as the multiple crops that are grown here in West Texas. It is within our grasp to have a community we can all be proud of now and for generations to come. We’ve witnessed an increase in industrial and economic growth driven by David Partlow and his BIDCorp team. With this growth, our city deserves an advocate that will incorporate a vision towards a future from which we can all benefit. We deserve leadership that will look beyond the status quo. The full potential of Brownfield is within reach but hasn’t been met with an enthusiastic eye. I, Geronimo M. Gonzales, formally announce my candidacy for Mayor of Brownfield. I have dedicated four years to the District 2 City Council Representative, two years as Mayor Pro Tem and HOT Funds Committee Chairman. I continue to dutifully serve my community through the following boards & committees: South Plains Community Action Association Personnel Board, 2013-Present; South Plains Community Action Association Rural Transit Board Vice Chairman, 2014- Present; Terry County Cemetery Association Vice Chairman, 2014-Present; Brownfield Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board Secretary, 2015-Present; Terry County Democratic Party Chairman, 2015-Present; Our Promise Youth Academy formerly Boys & Girls Clubs of America President, 2016-Present; NAACP #6198 Board Member, 2017-Present; Brownfield Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, 2018-Present. Our community deserves a leader who like the great Ralph Yarborough would say, “will put the jam on the lower shelf where the little people can reach it.”