Today we remember an iconic event that took place right here in the great state of Texas 182 years ago, the fall of the Alamo to General Santa Anna of Mexico and the Mexican military. The spirit of the Alamo has always been a “David vs. Goliath” type spirit. The Texians had around 182 men who fought and died against a tyrannical group who all declared their loyalties to General Santa Anna. Of course, most know that there were around 1800-2000 Mexican troops and up to 600 died at the hands, guns and bayonets of the those defending the Alamo.

Today, March 6th 2018 is another special day, not only because we memorialize the Alamo, but because as Texans, its our primary voting day. In Texas, many of the elected officials are pretty much set in the primaries. As we remember the Alamo, please remember the lives that were lost so that we as state could have this privilege of voting. Without our independence from Mexico, we would most likely would’ve never been a part of the United States. Go vote, it’s important! Polls close at 7:00pm tonight. If you need to know where to vote at, call your local elections office or court house.