originally from texasfarmbureau.com

By Jessica Domel
Multimedia Editor

American ranchers have been expanding their herds over the past two years, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

There are 4.4 million more head of cattle this month than this time in 2015, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) National July Cattle Inventory.

About 102.6 million head of cattle and calves were recorded in the mid-year national survey. That’s up four percent over July 2015 records.

There are no 2016 numbers to compare to due to budget constraints.

There are around 12.5 million cattle and calves on feed for slaughter this month. That’s up six percent over 2015.

The number of cows and heifers that have calved is up to 41.9 million head. That’s up five percent from this time in 2015.

The 2017 calf crop is expected to be 36.3 million, which is up three percent from last year and up five percent over 2015.

The National July Cattle Inventory is compiled based on a national survey of nearly 50,000 ranchers.

The report can be viewed here.

The national increases are also reflected in the Southern Plains Cattle on Feed Report from NASS.

Cattle and calves on feed for slaughter in Texas feedlots with capacity for 1,000 or more totaled 2.67 million on July 1.

That’s five percent higher than last year.

Texas ranchers placed 450,000 head of cattle in commercial feedlots in June, which is an increase of 18 percent over last year.

Commercial feeders in Texas marketed 420,000 head during June, which is down two percent over last year.

The majority–88 percent–of Texas’ total cattle and calves on feed are in the Panhandle. That’s about 2.35 million head of cattle, which is five percent higher than this time last year. It’s up slightly from June.

The Cattle on Feed Report is compiled using surveys completed the first two weeks of July. The data is provided by Texas and Oklahoma ranchers.

The full report can be viewed here.

The next Cattle on Feed Report from NASS for the Southern Plains will be released Aug. 25.