sherriff-vestThe Terry County Sheriff’s deputies will be sporting a new look in the near future, thanks to a grant from their insurance company.

Sheriff Larry Gilbreath told TownTalk that his department received a $5,300 grant for reimbursement on seven new Level 3 bulletproof vests.

Level 3 vests are one step lower than the military grade Level 4 vests, which are only used for special circumstances. “These vests are rated for protection against handguns and will be comfortable enough for everyday patrol.” Gilbreath said.

Weighing about 5 pounds, the new vests will be worn over the officer’s uniform, rather than underneath. “A big advantage is that they can easily be taken off when an officer is in the office or in court.” Gilbreath explained.

The vests will come with tan and black covers that will be printed with “SHERIFF” across the back.

This is the second time that Sheriff Larry Gilbreath has been able to obtain new bulletproof vests for his deputies at no cost to the taxpayers.

When he first took office in 2009, Gilbreath was able to make a deal with a police supply out of Austin. He traded a machine gun that had been donated in the 1960’s and sitting in the storeroom for new bulletproof vests for all of the deputies.

Gilbreath stated that it is important to replace officer’s vests because the Kevlar deteriorates over time due to everyday use and sweat.

The new vests have been ordered and deputies hope to receive them quickly.