The Speech and Debate teams did well over the weekend after competing in two tournaments.

In a day and a half they competed in both the Frenship and Lubbock High Christmas Swing tournament.

On the first day Erin English competed in Congress even though she was not feeling well, but she still managed to be ranked first in her prelim round which was a four hour round. This broke her to the finals which started at 8 on Saturday morning.

She had three judges in the room and after a two hour round she came out with two judges ranking her 1st and one gave her a 4th which gave her the overall gold medal.

“This is the first time we have ever placed in Congress at a TFA meet,” Coach Sonya Gore said.

Hudson Sanders also did well on Friday night winning two of his three rounds and missed breaking to the quarterfinals by three speaker points.

On Saturday afternoon, which was the Lubbock High part of the swing, Marlow Davis placed first in her prelim round breaking her to the semi-finals.

“This was Marlow’s first time out reading a new prose piece so I was excited about that,” Gore added.

There will be several more tournaments for these students as they prepare for the district meet later in the spring.