Sports Broadcast Consulting

by Eric

Broadcast your School

TownTalk Media Productions offers several packages to help your school broadcast games over internet radio at no cost to your school.  Internet radio listeners can listen live via the TownTalk Radio app on their Smartphone, computer, portable streaming devices, internet radios and even in Wi-Fi capable cars!  Find out how TownTalk Media Productions can work with your school so that your fans never miss a game.

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Towntalkradio has been the talk of the town. I hear so many good things about it from people at church every Sunday morning and how much they enjoy listening to the games, etc… And, on top of that I get e-mails from former players and students who have listened and continue to listen to the games from all over the globe.
-Steve Taylor
Former Denver City Athletic Director

Cub Radio has been a great addition to our athletic program.  Our program and our athletes are getting really noticed in the South Plains area.  This has also been a great way to get great exposure for our community.  This has also been a way to keep Cub nation all together out there with Brownfield alumni and anybody with Brownfield ties across the nation. Go Cubs!

-Bryan Welps
Former Brownfield Athletic Director
Thank you for bringing Towntalk to Tahoka.  I have had so many individuals tell me how much they enjoy being able to listen to our athletic events when not able to attend the actual game.  I have really gotten great feedback from several of our local farmers who, during the busy cotton striping season, were able to listen to Friday night football games while striping cotton.  It has been a great addition to our community.  Thank you.
-Jeff Perez
Former Tahoka High School Principal