Commissioners met on August 14, 2017 with several items on the agenda. The most important being item number 12, Proposed Property Tax Rate for Terry County.

County Judge Wagner told Commissioners that they received their information from the Tax Appraisal Office. The effective tax rate is .731787 which is what they have to go by even though the effective rate last year was 99 because the values went up and they have to use the same number that they brought in last year so 73.1 brings in the same amount 80 did last year.

Wagner said they had used $1.8 mil out of reserves this year and for next year’s budget (2018) they are looking at using about $2.2 mil or more from reserves. That would leave 2019 reserves between $500,000 to $1 mil depending on what is spent the next two years.

Wagner also mentioned that the county employees have not received raises going on two years and the county has not received any capital outlay during that time either.

Jan Hudson, County Auditor, put together three figures for the Commissioners to look at regarding how the tax rate would effect the County’s budget for 2018. Hudson told the Commissioners that if the rate went to 78 cents they would need $2,095,887 out of reserves. If they go to 76 cents they will need $2.2 mil. Hudson said 80 cents would be the best but that is not right on the tax payers.

Mike Swain said they can come down some but regardless if they come down they can’t come down too much or there will be no reserves and they will be looking at laying people off. Swain said “I don’t think anybody thought it would stay down this long.”

Swain moved that the rate go down from 80 cents to 78 cents. Kirby Keesee seconded the motion and the motion passed.

During other business Commissioners accepted monthly reports from Sheriff Larry Gilbreath, District Clerk Paige Lindsey, County Clerk Kim Carter, Justice of the Peace Angie Garza and County Judge J.D. Butch Wagner.

At the time of Commissioners Court Gilbreath said there were 126 prisoners, in the County Jail. There were 31 Federal prisoners, 17 from Ector County, 11 from Hockley County and 67 from Terry County. Gilbreath also said they were expecting more to arrive later that day from Lubbock.

They voted to leave the Sheriff’s and Constable’s Fees the same for 2018.

They approved personnel training for the Sheriff’s employees.

Commissioners voted to move Commissioners Court scheduled for September 25th to September 21st.

All Commissioners were present.

The next Commissioners Court is scheduled for August 28, 2017 at 10:00 am in the Courthouse basement.