Brownfield ISD

Monday: Steak Fingers or Philly Cheesesteak, Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy, Carrots & Strawberries

Tuesday: Spaghetti Bowl w/Breadstick or French Bread Pizza w/Marinara Sauce, Garden Salad, California Blend Veggies & Fruit Cup

Wednesday: Chicken Wings w/Multi-Grain Chips or Texas Chili w/Cornbread, Celery Sticks, Carrots & Orange Smiles

Thursday: Mexican Combo Plate w/Garnish or Chicken Quesadilla w/Spanish Rice, Salsa, Corn, Salsa, Refried Beans & Sliced Peaches

Friday: Popcorn Chicken w/Roll or Meatball Sub Sandwich, Curly Fries, Broccoli & Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Fresh Fruit Bowl, 100% Fruit Juice & Spanish Rice for HS ONLY

Meadow ISD

Monday: Chicken & Waffles or Mini Corndogs, Hashbrown Sticks, Salad Bar, Apple & Diced Peaches

Tuesday: Salisbury Steak or Chicken Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy, Roll, Salad Bar, Apple & Diced Peaches

Wednesday: Cheesy beefy Macaroni or Chicken Nachos, Pinto Beans, Roll, Salad Bar, Apple & Mixed Fruit

Thursday: Ham and Cheese Sandwich or Orange Chicken w/Fried Rice, French Fries, Salad bar, Apple & Sliced Peaches

Bacon Cheeseburger or Chili Hotdog, Tator Tots, Salad Bar, Apple & Fruit Mix

* Served with White or Chocolate Milk*

Wellman-Union ISD

Monday: Taquitos, Queso, Beans, Corn, Salsa & Fruit Crisp

Tuesday: PB&J Sandwich, Cheese Stick, Carrots, Celery Sticks & Animal Crackers

Wednesday: Deli Sandwich, Salad, Veggie Cup & Multi-Grain Chips

Thursday: Pizza, Corn, Tiny Tomato Cup & Fruity Gelatin

Friday: Frito Pie, Cucumbers, Carrots, Cinnamon Applesauce & Cookies

* White Milk Served Daily for Pre-K. White, Chocolate or Strawberry Milk for K-12. Fresh Fruit and Juice Served Daily for HS, Spanish Rice HS ONLY*