As Spring approaches, so do the non-sport competitions for UIL. One Act Play has been around for decades and believe it or not, it draws a pretty good crowd. Yesterday in Ropes both Meadow HS and Wellman-Union HS took center stage and competed in District 7-1A One-Act Play.

Wellman-Union HS One-Act Play Cast & Crew

Wellman-Union was the second play after Loop and became the alternate play. The Play is called Cagebirds by David Campton and was played by an all-female cast. It’s about a lady who has birds of different kinds that are content with their cage lifestyle. Then all the sudden the bird’s owner decided to put a wild bird in with the domesticated birds.

The Wild Bird who was played by Allstar Cast Member Michaela Horton was brought to the birdcage from the owner. As soon as the Wild Bird came into the cage, the other birds ignored her and kept to themselves. She began trying to talk the other birds into becoming free and finally the door to the cage was opened by the Wild Bird. She kept trying to persuade the other birds to leave and be free. However, the other birds finally got tired of her and killed her.

The Wellman-Union HS One Act Play team did not advance, however, was given the alternate play which means if one of the three schools that advanced does not go to the BI-DISTRICT round, then WUHS will get that chance. Some of the WUHS cast and crew were given honors which include Honor Crew: Jonathan Wiebe, Honorable Mention All-Star Cast went to Kaitlyn Besler and Madyson Horton, and there were two All-Star Cast honors given to Michaela Horton and Suzanna Rempel

Meadow HS One-Act Play Cast & Crew

Meadow HS One Act Play performance received the nod to advance. Their play was based on a true story that took place in 1939 in early World War II. The name of MHS’s play is called 937 by Don Zolidis. The setting was in mid-1939 in the Atlantic Ocean aboard the MS St. Louis that left Hamburg Germany with about 900 refugee Jews.

Best Actress Dist. 7-1A Zoey Hunt

The MS St. Louis was to port at Cuba, however, the Cuban officials did not want the refugees. Once Cuba turned the ship away, some of the Jews felt slighted by Captain Gustav Schroeder who was played by Jacob Flores. A Jewish man named Max Loewe who was played by Honorable Mention All-Star Cast Member Brady Caswell plotted to get Schroeder to go towards Florida because he believed that the Americans would take them in. As history would have it, the MS St. Louis never made it to the United States or Canada. While wondering in the Atlantic Ocean trying to find a nation that would allow the refugees, Loewe was tired and didn’t want to go back to Germany because of the camp he had already been in prior to the voyage, so he committed suicide.

Honor Crew: MHS – Alicia Sanchez & WUHS -Jonathan Wiebe, Honorable Mention All-Star Cast: WUHS – Katelyn Besler & Madyson Horton, MHS- Brady Caswell, All-Star Cast: WUHS – Michaela Horton & Suzanna Rempel, MHS – Johnathan Valentine

937 was also a love story so, throughout the play, two refugees fell in love which was Jacob who was played by All-Star Cast Member Johnathan Valentine and Elise who was played by Best Actress Zoey Hunt. By the time the MS St. Louis disembarked in Belgium, the Jewish refugees were then granted to stay in four different countries wich Jacob and Elise would go separate ways.

Honors also went to some of the MHS cast and crew and they were, Honor Crew: Alicia Sanchez, Honorable Mention All-Star Cast was Brady Caswell, All-Star Cast was Johnathan Valentine and Zoe Hunt received the Best Actress award. Meadow HS One Act Play Team has advanced to the bi-district round where they will perform at least one more time on March 26th at the Post Autotorium in Post TX.