Yesterday District 83 Texas House Representative Dustin Burrows joined House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Governor Greg Abbott to introduce House Bill 2, which Rep. Burrows hopes that this bill will enable Texas taxpayers to control local tax rates and tax increases and will slow the annual increase in property taxes, empower Texans with the automatic right to vote “no” on excessive tax increases and provide taxpayers the transparency to understand which elected officials or government entities raised their taxes.

You can listen to TownTalk’s interview with State Rep. Dustin Burrows.

TownTalk and Dustin Burrows interview Feb. 1, 2019

“Both Speaker Bonnen and the Governor recognize Texans are fed up with property tax hikes and understand the helplessness Texans feel in this regard,” said Rep. Dustin Burrows. “The House is committed to working together with the Senate and Governor to steer HB2 through the legislative process in an inclusive manner, a manner that allows all members of the legislature to represent their constituents in the bill’s structure.”

Now that the legislation is filed, it will work its way through the legislative process, with members and stakeholders being able to weigh in on its various concepts and the manner in which those goals are addressed.

HB- 2 by Burrows, like its identical companion in the Senate SB-2, starts the House down the path in accomplishing meaningful property tax reform. As filed, HB-2 includes provisions intended to increase transparency in the property tax rate calculations; make it easier for property taxpayers to navigate the appraisal review board process; and empower citizens to have a direct say in significant increases in property tax rates.

Rep. Burrows continued, “Control and transparency – those are the key focuses of this bill – this legislation will enable taxpayers across HD83 a more active role at the local level, where appraisals and tax rates are set. This gives taxpayers the transparency and the tools they need to do that.”

Here is an overview of HB-2 that has been filed: