On today’s special TownTalk Show with Dan Jackson we talked about our political climate (no pun intended) and GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). Read Dan Jacksons commentary and listen to the program.

Let’s Go GMO’s

Let’s talk a few minutes about GMO’s, yes, the much maligned, hated, loved GMO’s. In 1996 I sat in the Golden Corral in Plainview, Texas listening to a presentation on Roundup Ready cottonseed. It was said the need for plowing to control weeds would be a thing of the past, with Roundup technology you could spray at the forth true leaf, and again when the cotton stalk had twenty-five percent of its bolls open. This was great news to our producers who had used Roundup for years to spot spray, and now they could just go right over the top of the crop and knock out all the weeds! Well since that time lots of changes have taken place. Along with cotton there are nine others: Squash, Soy Beans, Canola, Corn, Papaya, Alfalfa, Sugar Beets, Potato’s, and Apples. Now contrary to what a lot of labels now say these are the ONLY GMO registered crops in the United States. So many companies have taken the road of capitalizing on unfounded fears to package products with No GMO on the labels to boost sales.
That along with a group of Anti-GMO folks have done their dead level best to vilify not only GMO products but also malign our Farmers with lots of false data and good old fashioned fear-mongering. The fact is for hundreds of years we’ve taken the best of different plants and trees and crossed them to get better quality and more production. Now we’re doing that same thing at a more basic level. With this technology we’ve seen bigger yields, and the ability to control weeds, and pests. The introduction of Bt Corn and Cotton has led to over 1 million less pounds of chemicals being sprayed per year. I was present when EPA scientists thanked producers for embracing the technology, and what it’s done to benefit the environment.
With all this it boils down to a couple of things that folks far removed from the farm need to remember. First, we as Americans enjoy the safest, most abundant, and affordable food and fiber in the World. Second, without these advances we could not feed this growing world. And lastly our producers take great pride in the job they do every day for the American and World consumer.
Please don’t let folks with agendas guide your thinking? Do your own research and remember that 88% of U.S. scientists say GMO’s are safe and 98% of famers say GMO’s are the most important factor in their ability to lessen the environmental impact on their farms. In 2016 a National Academy of Sciences report Genetically Modified Crops, examined 1,000 research and other publications and concluded there was no substantiated evidence of a difference in risks to human health between commercially available GMO and conventional crops. Recently the Board of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, voted to support this report as the most reputable and complete scientific report available to guide policy decisions.
Our Farmers and Ranchers work every day to do their job and raise their families. They would never do anything to endanger their family or the very consumers that are their customers. Again, look to sound science and talk to people who are farmers instead of looking to the internet to people who make a living trying to harm U.S. Agriculture…
Thanks Lt.dan

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