This past weekend we and several thousand others made their way to the San Antonio Stockshow. It’s one of the top stockshows in the country, and one of the top 3 in Texas. Our entry was a Hampshire hog named Easton…yes Easton you read it right. Easton has had quite a life. He’s fed the best feed and doted on by my daughter Kylee and walked on a regular basis. Easton has had it good!

I say all this because Sunday as we made our way back to the barn from lunch two ladies behind us were having a conversation. As we passed the building where the Stockshow sale would take place on Friday one lady lamented, “That’s where they sell those poor animals, I feel so sorry for them.” I turned around and said, “I couldn’t help but hearing your comment. Ma’am these animals are treated very well. They eat better than we do, and are loved on by these kiddos.” To which I received an, “OH.” Well it made me think about the public’s perception of agriculture as a whole. From the outside folks have an idea of what we all do and how we do it?

Particularly the livestock side. You can’t go to the grocery store without seeing labels on meat products that say, “Antibiotic Free!” I’m thinking why in the Wide World of Sports would you want to eat something that had an infection and hadn’t been treated for it? I mean that would be negligent on the part of those charged with those animals care and well-being. Animal rights groups and other folks have also pushed the line that animals are put into the market pumped full of antibiotics too?? Really?? There are hard and fast rules for how long an animal has to be off medicine before it can be put back into the herd or milked in the case of dairy cows. My friends that ranch or run dairies take great pride in what they do and how they do it. They’re families and friends are consumers and they would never do anything to jeopardize public health with their products. Again, it’s a pride thing. They work for everyone who walks in a grocery store and buys their product here and across the world.

Please tell your well-meaning friends and family who read some of the unmitigated garbage on the internet about animal health and dairies the truth. Folks with agendas continually work to destroy our Ag industry by putting out misleading stories. Sadly our friends who aren’t tied to the farm or ranch don’t know the truth. Make a point when you hear these things to educate folks. We are blessed to enjoy the best and safest food and fiber in the world. We need to tell that story every chance we get…so go out and buy a steak and have some ice cream for dessert…Next time we’ll talk about GMO’s…until then Thanks for tuning in….

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