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Commentary from Dan jackson

Listening to our good friend Tony St. James this morning doing the video version of Ag News Update he said something that stuck me. Twenty percent (20%) of the jobs in this country are tied to the ag/food industry. That’s 45,582,086 jobs that pay $2.07 Trillion in wages and $913.13 Billion in taxes. This all goes back to the success of this country. Not only to our producers feed and clothe the world, agriculture is a major economic factor in the economic health of our country. You would think more of the folks in Washington, who always seem to be so well informed on EVERY subject, would pay attention to such things? They don’t, because with that huge economic impact story, the fact is we’re a minority.
We are a minority that quietly goes about making this country great, without much fanfare. Because of our quiet success we are a continued target for both sides of the political aisle. It’s easy to stand up and talk about aid to a small group of folks, because frankly we won’t be the difference in an election. But what those who quite eagerly take shots at us don’t stop to think about is the numbers mentioned above. Agriculture puts folks to work, and pays way more in than it will ever get from a Farm Bill. I’ve heard for years from members of the House and Senate crow about wasteful Ag spending. Wasteful? Really? Let’s see, for a small investment in crop insurance and aid, 45/100’s of the Federal Budget to be exact we spend as a nation less than 10% of our disposable income on food and fiber. Yet to hear some folks talk, wrecking Farm Policy will make the Federal Budget suddenly line out? No need to curb outright waste, just go after Ag, they can’t vote us out and who’s going to care where their food and fiber come from? The safest and best food supply in the world that cost constituents less than 10% of their income…By far the best deal in the world…
I mean really it’s just 20% of the economy is at stake?
Think about it….