By C J Oakes

One thing anyone living in West Texas knows is that if it can sting, bite, or otherwise cause turmoil in your home, we likely grow it. And, one of our key stingers is the scorpion.

Most of us are familiar with the occasional bug found snoozing beneath a walking stone found in a shaded area of the yard in the summer. Most know that the scorpion is simply seeking a cool, moist place to relax between meals (it feeds on other insects); under a rock is perfect during hot months.

Where Do Scorpions Go in Winter?

Although one of the hardiest creatures God created, scorpions have one big weakness: They cannot regulate their body temperature. Like other insects, the scorpion must seek heat for warmth. And while scorpions will hibernate for much of the winter when the temperatures remain steady, constantly-changing temps can keep them more active.

So, where do scorpions go during the winter months to sleep?

Ideally, scorpions will attempt to enter a home. After all, what could be warmer than the same structure used by humans to stay warm? However, their general fear of humans will largely keep them out of sight.

But rest assured, if there is any nook, cranny, or crack into which a scorpion can shimmy through to find a place of warmth at your hearth, he will.

Scorpions in the Walls, Scorpions at the Hearth

Although you are not likely to see any scorpions attempting to roast marshmallows at your fiery hearth, they will find places within the walls and cupboards to keep warm during the winter. And generally, this will not be an issue – few will ever see the critters.

But when the temperatures warm enough for all the insects to become active, the scorpions will awake. And, as with many creatures after a long rest, the lowly scorpion will find itself hungry. It will then leave its place of rest in search of ants, roaches, worms, and its favorite, crickets.

Know this, that if the weather gets warm enough that other insects are scurrying about, there will be a better-than-average chance that you may see a scorpion in your home.

What to Do About Scorpions in the Home?

Aside from preparing your home during the fall by sealing cracks (too late), scorpions can be kept at bay in three key ways:

  1. Get a cat – kitty gotta eat too and scorpions make a fun, tasty treat
  2. Get some cinnamon, which is a natural repellant for scorpions. Sprinkle it anywhere they may enter the home.
  3. Lavender will do the same and some have found that soaking cotton balls in lavender oil then placing these balls anywhere scorpions may enter is a great way to both keep the pests out while adding a certain fresh scent to the home.