The ticking of the sprinklers tap out a brassy rhythm as they bring life back to the local battlefield known as Cubs Stadium.

The lights of the stadium are dark now, but in just a few weeks they will again come alive and will shine brightly on some of the best gridiron challenges of the season.

Leading the Cubs out to war are the four Cubs captains, Prince Kim, Coby Serbantez, Zeek Morin and Nathan Besler.

Two-a-day workouts are in full swing and Athletic Director Bryan Welps is seeing a lot of talent and potential both on and off the field from not only his captains, but the entire team as well.

“The team is shaping up well and now we are coming along well,” Welps said in a recent interview with Town Talk Radio. “It’s always a process when you get started. It takes awhile to get the timing back, and also the new things that we add each and every year for our kids. We’ve added a lot this year, and we are trying a few little different things to our offense to tweak it.”

This year’s Cubs lineup is bringing a lot of experience to the table as many of the offensive and defensive starters are returning this season. Welps said the Cubs defense is strong as well as fast, and those are two qualities needed to win a championship. It’s not just about scoring points, said Welps, it’s also about hitting the opposition hard enough for them to lose ground.

As for the offense, Welps said his team has some of the four best receivers and each one has a different talent.

“We are gong to be able to throw the ball around, and then it will open up the game the way it should,” said Welps.

The only shoes Welps really has to fill before the season begins is the kicker.

Welps commended Besler and said he’s been with the team for four years. He’s coming back as an inside receiver on offense. Besler was all district last year and was an outside linebacker.

As for Serbantez, Welps said he is strong leader as well as an all-state cornerback. In his first play of his first game, Welps said Serbantez said he caught the ball, and took it all the way into the end zone.

Welps said Morin has been playing for the athletic director since Morin was in the 8th grade and was an all-state linebacker. Welps said Morin plays hard on every down, and he has a strong leadership quality.

Welps said Prince came to BISD by way of Plano when he was a freshman.

“He talks a little bit ,but I tell you he’s a great leader on and off the field for us,” said Welps. “These four kids, this is probably one of my favorite captain groups since I’ve been here. It’s fun to see these four show up, and what they’ve got to bring.”