The Commissioners Court met in regular session on Monday, July 10, where they addressed their weekly agenda.

In the first item on the agenda the Commissioners looked through the bills and addressed any concerns and then unanimously approved to audit and settle all accounts against the county and direct their payments. The county had total bills of $41,087.89 and hospital and medical bills that totaled $161,045.32.

During the review of the bills County Judge Jim Barron informed the Court that District Clerk Sandra Roblez had informed him that her office was not in need of the laptop computer approved at the last meeting. Judge Barron noted that Roblez requested the order to be cancelled.

Tracey Woodward, MSC at Shinnery Oaks, was on the agenda to introduce the new administrator for the facility. However, Judge Barron said he had received an email from Steve Smith, the new administrator, that because he could not sale his house he would not be making the move at this time.

“I guess this means we are back to square one,” Judge Barron said.

Moving on into the agenda the Commissioners unanimously approved the Tax Assessor/Collector’s report for the month of June. That report, read by Judge Barron, stated that $41,982.91 had been collected during the month.

Along those same lines the Court then unanimously approved the Tax Assessor/Collector Jan Parrish to calculate the Effective and Rollback Tax Rates for the Tax Year 2017.

Judge Barron then went over monthly reports from various departments for the month of June. This included the Sheriff’s department, Justice of Peace #2, Justice of Peace#1, District Clerk, and County Clerk.

The Court also agreed to advertise for bids for a 2018 ¾ ton pickup for Precinct #1. The bids will be advertised in the July 16 and 23 papers, open the bids on August 3, and accepted at the August 7 meeting.

In the next item, the Court heard a preliminary report from Precinct #2 Commissioner Ray Marion on a new subdivision in his Precinct. Marion said it would be located between county road 255 and state highway 1622 (Allred highway) about 3 miles from Allred. Another hearing will be held in a future meeting concerning this same subdivision, which will be designated as a home subdivision.

Sheriff David Bryant was in attendance to request for position and salary adjustments for the 2018 budget. He informed the Court that his Chief of Dispatcher supervisor was due a supplement adjustment in her salary. This was unanimously approved.

Sheriff Bryant also said he was about to restructure his department and was wanting to add two corporal positions and two sergeant positions. He was informed that funds for an increase in salaries for the sergeant’s position was already available, but there were no funds available for the raises in the two Corporal’s position. However, Bryant was informed funds may be available after the first of the year.

There was one request for a road crossing in Precinct #4, no request for the disposal of county equipment, no line item transfers, no Soil Conservation request, and no updates on the Denver City Community Center.

Once all items on the agenda had been addressed the Court went to a budget session where the only item to be discussed were three new patrol units for the Sheriff’s office.

Commissioners Woody Lindsey, Ray Marion, Tommy Box, and Tim Addison along with County Judge Jim Barron were all in attendance.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, July 17, at 10 am in the County Courthouse.