The Yoakum County Commissioners Court met on Monday, December 17, where they addressed their weekly agenda.

To start the meeting the Court moved to audit and settle all accounts against the County and direct their payments. After looking over the bills and addressing any concerns a motion was made and unanimously approved to pay County bills that totaled $610,047.65 and Medical facility bills that totaled $212,856.30. They also approved the payment of all part-time salaries.

Precinct #2 County Judge Troy Scott was in attendance requesting addition autopsy funds. Judge Scott informed the court his autopsy funds were a negative $2,000 and he was requesting funds to cover this autopsy and another $2,000 for any autopsies that may occur between now and the end of the current year. County Auditor Darinda McWhirter suggested advancing $5,000 to Judge Scott’s account to be on the safe side. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to transfer $5,000 to cover the current autopsy and any future autopsies that might occur before the end of the year.

County Judge Jim Barron acknowledged receipts of the sheriff’s department monthly report for November 2018. The report showed $675 in fees were collected during the month.

The Court also unanimously approved four road crossings in Precinct #2 and Precinct #3. Precinct #1 Commissioner Woody Lindsey said he had some road crossings take place in his Precinct without the proper paperwork in place and was asking what process should take place when this happens. He was advised to address this issue with the company involved and inform them of the process that needs to happen.

There were several computer-related request from the County Clerk’s office for the disposal of county equipment followed by 19 line item transfers. Both of these items were unanimously approved by the court.
There were no Soil Conservation requests.

Commissioners Woody Lindsey, Ray Marion, Tommy Box, and Tim Addison along with County Judge Jim Barron were all in attendance.

Because of the Christmas holidays, the next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 27 at 10 am in the County Courthouse.