The Yoakum County Commissioners Court met in regular session on Monday, March 25, where they addressed their weekly agenda.

Moving into the agenda the Court moved to audit and settle all accounts against the County and direct their payments. After looking over the bills and addressing any concerns a motion was made and unanimously approved to pay County bills that totaled $78,236.31 and Medical facility bills that totaled $128,759.89. The Court also unanimously approved the Part-Time Payroll.

Moving on to the first item on the agenda the Court unanimously approved the Shinnery Oaks January Financial Report as presented by Billy Jewell from 24 Karat Ventures. According to the report the Operating Income totaled $289,841 and the Operating Expenses totaled $362,564 which resulted in a net loss of $72,723. However, there was a funding of $134,000 from Yoakum County which was not reflected in the net income.

Jewell also noted the facility is fully staffed with RN and LVN Nurses as well as CNA’s. There being no more questions the Court unanimously approved the report.

Moving on to the next item the Court unanimously approved a one-year contract with Triple Crown Internet, Inc. for internet service.

The Court also unanimously approved a request from County Treasurer Darla Welch for the purchase of three scanners. The total cost will be $6,251.78, which includes installation.

Chief Deputy Robert Whitfield was also in attendance requesting the Court approve an interlocal agreement with Lubbock County for housing inmates. Whitfield noted the cost per day is $65 a day and only those prisoners with needs beyond what Yoakum County can offer would be transported. The Court unanimously approved his request.

In the next item Whitfield also asked for expenditures for the purchase of a wrap restraint system for the local jail. He explain how the wrap would work and said it was a needed item to help restraint those prisoners who might get out of control. It would be a restraint strap and cuffs on the prisoners’ ankles, legs and chest area. Two current officers, including Whitfield, have been trained on the use of these restraints. The total cost would be $1,512.12. It was unanimously approved by the Court.

Precinct #2 Justice of the Peace Judge Troy Scott was in attendance requesting expenditure from equipment line item for the purchase of a shedder. The Judge said he could purchase one from Star Printing in Denver City for a cost of $695.00. The Court unanimously approved his request.

Commissioner Ray Marion informed the Court about the first step in improvements at the Denver City swimming pool. Precinct #1 Commissioner Woody Lindsey had contacted Sunbelt Pools in Dallas concerning these improvements. The initial cost will be $5,000 for a semantic drawing of what needs to be done. The total cost for all the improvements is estimated to be $30,000. Denver City Council member Joan Breith had previously approached the Court with her concerns for the needed improvements at the local pool. The Commissioners unanimously approved the preliminary procedure.

There was one road crossing request in Precinct #3 from Walsch Petroleum, no request for disposal of county equipment, no line item transfers, and no Soil Conservation request.

Commissioners Ray Marion, Tommy Box, and Tim Addison along with Judge Jim Barron were all in attendance. Commissioner Woody Lindsey was not in attendance. The next meeting will be held on Monday, April 1, starting at 10 am.