The Yoakum County Commissioners Court met on Monday, January 28, where they addressed a very short 15 minute agenda.

Moving on into the agenda the Court moved to audit and settle all accounts against the County and direct their payments. After looking over the bills and addressing any concerns a motion was made and unanimously approved to pay County bills that totaled $467,144.12 and Medical facility bills that totaled $166,257.93.

In the next item the Court unanimously approved the appointment of Michelle Frenich and Joni Stephens to the Child Welfare board.

While discussing a bid for the purchase of a vehicle for the County Extension Office, Precinct #4 Commissioner Tim Addison requested he would be allowed to inspect the vehicle and only after his inspection and approval should it be put back on the agenda. The Court unanimously approved his request.

The Court also unanimously approved the deputation of Lorenzo Mancilla as the new investigator for the Criminal District Attorney’s office. He will be replacing Wes Moore who is now working for the Denver City Police Department.

There were no road crossing permits, one county computer related item requested to be disposed of, no line item transfers, and no Soil Conservation request.
A motion was made and unanimous approved to adjourn at 10:15. Commissioners Woody Lindsey, Ray Marion, Tommy Box and Tim Addison along with County Judge Jim Barron were all in attendance. The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 11 at 10 am in the County Courthouse.